Ernst Koning is product designer based in Amsterdam. He studied Industrial Design in Utrecht and started his own studio after he was graduated in 2011. He has his own label, Ilias Ernst, but he also works freelance for various companies like Gispen, Lande, Puikart, Hollands Licht and Cartoni Design. He gets inspired by ordinary objects and uses this inspiration to create functional and well-designed products which express simplicity and creativity with a surprising edge.

What do you stand for as a designer? Firstly, combining functionality with design. Secondly, a product needs to evoke a sense of curiosity. I enjoy using my creativity to make a product suitable for multiple purposes.

Combining functionality with design is what I enjoy the most.





  • Dutch Design week 2011
  • Dilmos Gallery 2011 Milan
  • Light and Reflection Belgium 2012
  • Toonkamer Utrecht 2012
  • Design District 2012
  • Design Plus Award 2012 Frankfurt
  • IF Concept Design Award
  • Design Route 030
  • Inside Design Amsterdam 2012
  • Design ACT December 2012 Moscow
  • May Design Series London 2013
  • 100 % Design London 2013
  • Design District 2016